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Specifications of quartz slabs to buy Is quartz slab more expensive than granite slab?What are the goods about quartz stone?High-Quality Stone Remnants SaleQuartz slabs and counter tops with affordable prices Best quartz quarries in the world Newest price range of quartz slabs

To find and buy quartz slab for sale at a reasonable price, you need to know about these products. These products are manufactured in different sizes and designs. The use of remnants stones can also have several benefits. In the following article, you can get information and compare granite and quartz stones.

Find & Buy Quartz Slab at Reasonable Price

Specifications of quartz slabs to buy

Specifications of quartz slabs to buy Slab stone is a type of cutting and polishing of stone, not a type or material of stone. In general, the stone is cut from the mine after extraction and comes in various shapes and sizes. The result of one of the types of stone cutting is slab stone. The slab rock has relatively large dimensions. 

Quartz is one of the most important minerals on earth that forms one of the most important gemstones among colored stones in the world. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on the Earth’s crust after feldspars. 

The name Quartz is derived from the German word “quartz”, which comes from the Slavic and Polish words, meaning “hard”. It is a rocky quartz with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. Quartz is often used to compare the hardness of other gemstones and compare them with this stone.

All quartz gemstones have a chemical composition of silicon dioxide with varying degrees and structures. The two major branches of quartz include macro-crystalline quartz and crypto-crystalline quartz.

Macro-crystalline quartz includes amethyst, crystal rock, blue quartz, citrin, eagle eye, pericolite, cat eye quartz, smoky quartz, pink quartz and tiger eye. The macrocrystalline wartz is brighter and larger than cryptocrystals. Cryptocrystal quartz contains microscopic crystals that are often not even seen.

Quartz precious stones are attractive, durable and hard. Also, in most cases quartz is relatively inexpensive and publicly available, but some quartz are very rare while others are readily available. Quartz is a very versatile stone and can be cut into different shapes and sizes. 

For centuries, quartz has been used in jewelry and jewelry. But today, quartz is not only one of the precious stones in the colored stone trade, but also widely used in industry. 

slab quartz  is usually applied in indoor applications. It can be used as: kitchen shelves, bathroom vanity, worktop, table tops, island tops, wall coverings and decorative background walls, etc.

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Is quartz slab more expensive than granite slab?

If you love natural stones and want to renovate your kitchen , a doubt could assail you: better granite or quartz?  For a long time, granite has prevailed, but lately quartz has also started to be the favorite. Both have crystals in their structure, which make them very strong and durable. 

Both will give elegance and value to your kitchen, there is no doubt about this. The choice of granite or quartz will also depend on your taste, but in one case or another it will still be a quality choice. 

quartz and granite slabs have different shades. Granite is an igneous rock, it is formed by the lava or magma flow, cooled, it is 100% natural a has a granular structure. 

It is available in many colors, from pink to gray, from brown to black. it suitable for any type of furniture, from classic to modern kitchen. 

While with the quartz, choosing a dark color, the veins will be less visible, this cannot happen with granite.  Although rough, in its natural state, the granite surface can be treated to have a smooth and glossy finish. 

Whatever your choice, granite or quartz, we can say that they are not exactly cheap. They cost more than laminate, but their durability far greater.  In recent years, however, the cost has fallen somewhat. 

Granite tends to cost a little more than quartz, but in reality it depend on the specific piece, the type of granite and the type of quartz. Obviously in addition to the material there will also be a cost for the installation. 

Being the most flexible quartz, the job will be less difficult for the expert, therefore the price should also be lower, even if the quartz is heavier than the granite, so the transport will be more demanding. It is not easy to establish an exact price, so there is nothing left to do but ask for quotes and decide whether to choose granite or quartz for your kitchen.

What are the goods about quartz stone?

What are the goods about quartz stone?Quartz engineering stone is a natural product mainly made from natural materials. 90 to 95 percent of it is quartz and 6 to 10 percent are resins and dyes of granules that are combined into durable, non-porous slabs.

Quartz strength, even in the form it produces, makes it naturally resistant to abrasion, scratches, impacts and even acids without the need for seals. The environmental impact on quartz produced is also low. Quartz is an abundant material and the finished product is non-toxic and non-allergic and reduces the need for replacement due to its long life.

These slabs are designed to fit the project requirements (size, shape and edge specifications) and are mounted piece by piece. The quartz rock is dense, non-porous, non-corrosive and acid-free, and has been used as wall covering, cabinet board, cabinet wall and even floor.

The advantages and disadvantages of quartz engineering stone are as follows:

  • Constant color and texture
  • Resistant to wear, abrasion and acid
  • No need for seals
  • Resistant to bacterial growth

Keep in mind that quartz is like heavy natural stone. Due to the heat resistance, it is not affected at temperatures below 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

At present, quartz stone slabs are mainly used in countertop cabinet, sinks, bar counters, tables, floors and interior walls.  It can completely replace natural stone, high quality ceramics, decorative wood and metal materials. 

At the same time, quartz stone applications are constantly evolving, the application share of false ceiling cabinets is large and the percentage of applications on the ground is also increasing. Thanks to the very high hardness of the quartz stone, they reach 5-7 degrees Mohs, this brings some difficulties for the processing technology of the quartz stone.

The consumption of the whole cabinets is increasingly personalized, which requires very high cabinet, which increases the difficulty of processing and production for the processing of technicians. 

High-Quality Stone Remnants Sale

n recent decades, industrial growth and increased production and consequently consumption have led to a rapid decline in the natural reserves of raw materials and energy.

On the other hand, the high volume of production has resulted in the production of large quantities of waste and scrap materials that have a significant negative impact on the environment. Many countries and international organizations are working to reduce and reuse these wastes.

Mineral waste can be considered as residual materials, scrap or waste materials that arise after extraction and processing of materials to produce a valuable product. So far, no single criteria have been provided for the classification of mineral tailings.

The criterion must take into account the complete economic specification and the possibility of its ultimate use and the amount of process required for conversion. Reuse of tailings is important from a social and environmental point of view, but it must be economical and there is no technological problem or technical limitation.

The benefits of reusing rock remnants include:

  • Effective use of resources and reserves.
  • Reduce environmental problems.
  • Increase Profitability (Increase Income and Reduce Cost of Waste Disposal).
  • Creating Sustainable Development.

When extracting waste, the following factors are caused:

  • By block-based device
  • Multi-blade band saws
  • By the hammer
  • Different types of discontinuities and fractures in ore
  • The extraction process should not be in the opposite direction of the slope of the classes
  • Explosion mines
  • By cutting wire machine when cutting stone

Quartz slabs and counter tops with affordable prices

Quartz slabs and counter tops with affordable prices Quartz countertops are made with natural quartz, one of the hardest materials on Earth, and a small amount of glass or metal elements to achieve a varied and beautiful aesthetic. Another advantage that quartz provides is its null porosity and its texture that prevents bacteria from developing and resists stains, protecting the health of your family and achieving easier cleaning.

 For this reason, there is no need to seal quartz countertops. In addition to the durability that quartz provides, the aesthetics of the material and its variety of colors attract attention. When calculating the price of a kitchen worktop you have to consider the following concepts:

  • Material cost
  • Manufacturing cost:
  • cut to size
  • edge finishes
  • realization of the inserts
  • surface protective treatments
  • Extras cost:
  • pompadour
  • matching wall plating
  • Installation
  • Transport

The options offered by quartz are almost limitless as colors range from white, black and brown to gold and blue. The design of a quartz countertop will not only endow your kitchen with personality, but will also provide performance that surpasses traditional materials.

Best quartz quarries in the world

Quartz is the most abundant mineral discovered in the Earth’s crust. Quartz has the chemical composition of SiO2. An important feature of the quartz group is that the cleavage is very weak in three directions. In fact it can be said that it lacks cleavage. The type of fracture is a shell.

It has a hardness of seven, which is less than the cryptocrystalline hardness and is crisp.  Special gravity is 2.65, but lower than cryptocrystalline. The line has a white effect. Has a glassy or greasy finish. Has no magnetic properties. Its variants are transparent, semi-transparent and non-transparent.

Its crystallization system is hexagonal and tetragonal. The microscopic characteristics of quartz minerals are that they are colorless under normal or non-planar microscopy, with no signs of degradation or alteration on the mineral surface. This is one of the major differences with feldspar minerals, since feldspar minerals show more alteration state at their surfaces.

 In polarized light, it has a low refractive index or duplication that can be seen in light gray to white.

Quartz mineralization environments occur in many of the igneous rocks including acidic and intermediate igneous or intermediate igneous rocks such as granite, rhyolite, granodiorite, tonalite, dacite, pegmatite, monzonite, syenite and trachyte.

Quartz is the most abundant tailings in hydrothermal metal mineralization. Quartz is formed at all temperatures and is resistant to mechanical and chemical weathering.

Major quartz groups known in nature include: In mountain (quartz alpha), rutile (smoky quartz), amethyst or crystalline purple (purple quartz), citrin (yellow quartz), amethyst (between purple and yellow quartz).

do you know where is quartz slabs near me or anyone else? do you know these stone find in which countries?

white quartz slabs are found in Brazil, Madagascar, Japan, America and the Alps. Amethyst (violet quartz) is found in the Urals, Czech and Slovakia, Austria, Zambia, America and Brazil. The main source of agate is in southern Brazil and northern Uruguay.

Brazil is the largest producer of transparent quartz from river sediments with only ten percent of quartz produced in the electronics industry

Newest price range of quartz slabs

Newest price range of quartz slabs The quartz stone for different applications such as counter tops are a unique product specially designed and engineered by the skilful combination of quartz, resins and natural pigments, made up of 93% quartz, one of the most resistant minerals capable of creating a multifunctional surface. 

Resistant to stains, heat and scratches, five times stronger than granite, non-porous, easy to clean, requires no special maintenance and is able to give charm to your kitchen. It does not absorb liquids and has an excellent level of protection from oil, coffee, wine, carbonated drinks and many other products for daily use.

 It is certified as a safe and hygienic product, suitable for food preparation areas.  Its totally non-porous surface prevents the absorption of moisture or food, does not require the use of protective chemicals and is safe for the whole family.

 Practicality and aesthetics come together in a perfect combination.The product presented here is the only one on the market with active antibacterial protection, the material incorporates an exclusive formula based on silver ions capable of inhibiting bacterial proliferation. 

The maximum quartz slab size for a whole top is 300 cm(width), only for some colors the maximum size is 320 cm. some  thicknesses available in market:

  • Thickness mm12
  • Thickness cm2
  • Thickness from cm4 to cm6 (Panel thickness 2cm with front)
  • Thickness cm3 only on request
  • and etc

The prices vary according to the color and the thickness, the calculation is based on the square meters of the floor plus workings. 

quartz and granite slabs on sale can be found at reputable dealers. By contacting the sales expert on this site you can buy all kinds of quartz stones in bulk.

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