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Largest Marble Quarries in Middle East

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What are the best natural stone slabs?How to identify quality of marble slabs when buying?Cheapest kinds of marbles on the market How is the quality of Iranian marble?Important standards about natural stone slabs What is the size of a slab of marble?Suppliers of marble slabs with good prices

Marble is one of the metamorphic rocks of the Onyx brand, with the main mineral being calcium carbonate. The presence of aluminum and magnesium minerals in marble slab makes its color variations. Pure marble is completely white. Also available in black, green, pink and yellow. There are some of the best marble mines in the world in Iran and Italy, which is superior to Italy in terms of marble color diversity.

Largest Marble Quarries in Middle East

What are the best natural stone slabs?

What are the best natural stone slabs?One of the best natural stone cases for kitchen cabinet cases is granite. The most important reason for choosing granite stone from other competitors is its natural appearance, unlike artificial stones, the effect it creates in the kitchen environment is not artificial, and its other benefits can be varied in color and design. He also noted that due to the difficulty it has, it simply does not scratch and slip, such as in the kitchen where the appliances are permanently moved, as well as cooking. It is very important. Other good properties of granite stone for use in stone kitchen cabinets can be noted the low moisture absorption property.

Another option among the natural stones for use in the kitchen cabinet is marble, marble slab flavors gives a refreshing look to the kitchen and is a good material for the kitchen, but keep in mind It is not as granite-resistant as scratches, and marble has fine veins and holes on its surface, which are used to fill the cavities with a series of coatings on their surface. The advantage of this stone is its chic and eye-catching appearance, with its low resistance to scratches and acid detergents, and even the small amount of acid in lemon, coffee, vinegar and tea causes corrosion and stains. Is coming. But its beautiful appearance has made it a fan of its own and, despite all the difficulties in keeping it difficult, still choose marble as a stone in their kitchen cabinets.

How to identify quality of marble slabs when buying?

What Tips to Buy in Marble?

Buying stones is an important pillar of construction. It is so important that it can even influence the successful or unsuccessful sale of building units. There are various factors involved in selecting the required stone for the building, including the value of the project and the location of the building.

Various stones used in construction include travertine, marble, granite, marble, porcelain and more. Important point in buying marble stone is the characteristics of this stone. Note that these features determine the location of use in the building.

Another important point to consider when choosing and buying marble and other stones is the quality of stone processing and the precision used during the process. The proper quality of the stone and its luster will add to the value of the property.

The edges of the stone also need to be healthy; if the edges are rocked, the rock will become mudstone and negatively affect the quality and beauty.

Two other important factors in choosing and buying marble and other stones are the thickness and the type of stone. Thickness is important in terms of transportation and installation, and the type is aesthetically pleasing because if the stone is not sorted correctly, it will make the installation look bad.

In summary, the following are important in buying marble, like other rocks: compressive strength, water absorption, stone application, stone shape and size, stone storage, stone price, type of stone processing, stone color. No cracks. The groove. Fracture. Loose vein. Caries. Pores.

Marble as a high quality decorative stone should be cautious when buying. The quality of the marble appearance can be determined by:

(1) Determine the tone of the pattern under sufficient light conditions, the plate selected, and the same set of other marble plates to be purchased, at the same time on the ground, and they are precisely 1.5 meters away. It is necessary that the same set of marble slabs should be basically set.

(2) Survey of surface defects under sufficient light conditions, the plate is placed on the ground and invisible defects are observed from the marble bridge line and no defects are observed. Standing from sheet to sheet and visible in 1.sin. The unique flaw is that there are no obvious flaws; the flaw that appears on the first sheet is defective. The identified defects are observed: plate deviation I; cracks, blasters, heterochromatic spots, stains and tails on board surface. If it is found that the above defects are not available, the sheet is superior, and the front of the sheet is not allowed to have missing chromium defects; if the above defects are not apparent and there is no apparent missing corner, then the board may Consider a grade. If there are defects that do not affect its use, and the front of the sheet is not only more than 8 mm long, its width is not more than 3 mm, the footprint is not long and its width is not more than 3 mm. , Then the board can be judged as a good product. . If damaged during transportation or handling, it can be concrete (for broken sheets) or repair (for angular defects, surface cavities or adhesion). However, after connecting and repairing, the opposite side is not allowed to have clear marks, and the color should be close to the front color.

(3) Observation of mark is the mark of marble plates: naming, classification, size, grade, standard. Marble plates are: Place of Material Place Name, Pattern Pattern Name, and Marble (M code). Marble pages are divided into two broad categories: Simple Pages (Which Name): Square or Rectangular Pages; Profile Pages (codenamed S): Pages of Other Forms. There are three grades of marble slabs: Superior (Code A), First Class (Code B) and Eligible (Code C). The classification is based on the permissible deviation of the dimensions of the sheet, the tolerance allowed for flatness, the permissible tolerance for angles, the quality of appearance and the gloss of the mirror.

Cheapest kinds of marbles on the market

Cheapest kinds of marbles on the market The marbles or thongs or bullets are small glass balls, usually colored glass veins. This glass ball is a device for playing “shashar” or marble. The name is different in different Persian dialects and in different parts of Iran, but the most common name is the marble, sometimes called “bullet” or “bullet”. Marriage or all kinds of fun games with marbles. You have to get them out of the range by rolling and sliding the marbles together. These glass balls were used by our ancestors and older brothers to play in the alleyways with colored marbles. Seeing the colored marbles, the memories of the distant past will go away. The colorful, round, translucent marbles and tangle sound give us a good sense of nostalgia when playing. The marbles can be used to make the aquarium more beautiful. Or poured marbles into beautiful glass containers and used it as a beautiful decoration. The marble slabs for sale can also be poured into jam jars and put under the lampshade to enjoy the light of the lampshade. Get the most expensive marbles on the market.

How is the quality of Iranian marble?

The vast land of Iran, with its rich and varied reserves, is one of the major ore mines, but due to some shortcomings in the production and processing cycle, the industry’s pulse is slowly declining. The rock accounts for about 2 percent of Iran’s travertine mineral.

The favorable capacity of localities in producing marble, Chinese, Christian, Tranix and Tramite (crude stone and travertine) construction stones has also made Iran the ninth-largest ornamental stone producer among the three countries producing travertine. Neighborhoods with 3 million tonnes of travertine stone have 5 stone processing units and the existence of three rich ornamental mines in the area has resulted in the creation of 7,000 permanent jobs in the area.

The largest specialized exhibition space for building and decorative stone in the world lies in the middle of the neighborhood, but despite its lean capacity, Iran’s mines and ornamental capacity are still not desirable, especially in the world markets, and should be expanded in the light of special measures and targeted support. It shone in Iran’s export and economy. The most important challenges of Iranian stone processing are lack of capital, depreciation machinery, stagnation of the domestic market, lack of export conditions, lack of liquidity, high production costs and lack of competitiveness in foreign markets.

Important standards about natural stone slabs

Important standards about natural stone slabs The plate must be highly resistant to impact, abrasion and moisture and be of high weight tolerance, while also being least responsive to detergent and food chemicals. In recent years, various types of artificial stone such as quartz or quartz have been used for the cabinet plate, but despite such stones and various plates in the cabinet plate market, natural stone has retained its fans and status and is one of the best types of natural stone. carrara marble is for this purpose. The most important factor in choosing granite stone from other models available in the market is its natural appearance, unlike artificial stones, the appearance it creates in the kitchen environment is more beautiful and natural, and its other benefits can be The variety in color and design of this type of stone is mentioned as well as due to the difficulty it simply does not fall on the scratches and in a place like kitchen cabinet plate where the cooking utensils are moved on it very much. Property is very important.

Another good feature of stone for use as a cabinet screen is that it absorbs very little moisture. Suppose you pour a little oil on the surface of the cabinet while cooking, and you wipe it off with a handkerchief without the need for hot water or special chemical detergent, and your cabinet screen will have the same polished and electricity of your first day. Keeps . Another choice among natural stones for use as a kitchen cabinet board is marble, with its chic and graceful appearance it gives a natural freshness to your kitchen space and is a good material for a kitchen but you should keep in mind Its resistance to scratches is not as large as granite and also has marble veins and fine holes on the surface that are used to fill a series of coatings on their surface.

Featuring a stylish, eye-catching appearance, its disadvantages include low resistance to scratches and acid detergents, and even a small amount of acid in vinegar, lemon, tea and coffee causes corrosion and stains. . But its beautiful appearance has made it a fan of its own, and with all the difficulties in maintaining it, still choosing marble as their kitchen cabinet board. The types of marble stones used for cabinet stone can be white marble of Kerman, summer white cloud marble with one million square meters and two hundred thousand tomans, green marble with square million square meters and honey marble Kerman and brown marble each He pointed out six hundred thousand per meter. It should be noted that various factors such as quality grade, type of stone, layout and role of the stone etc. have an impact on the announced prices. For querying the day price and purchasing you can visit the stone purchase section of the site and search the specifications of the stone supplier. Find and contact suppliers

What is the size of a slab of marble?

brushed quartzite from the Greek root marmoros is known for its luminous and trade name Anix, marble is a type of limestone. The stones are highly polished and can be polished to a mirror appearance. These rocks have different minerals and colors and their main features include beautiful color and good shine. quartzite stone tile have been used in construction for decades. These types of stones are especially used in decoration, stairs, interior, column and floor. Marble as a unique raw material is used to decorate large buildings and sculptures. In the last 4-5 years, due to the increasing number of different industries, decorative and precious stones have not responded to their needs. How different the size of the marble will be depending on its use.

green granite slabsĀ is one of the main rocks forming the Earth’s surface. Granite is composed of medium and relatively large mineral grains with very high strength. The main constituents of granite, quartz and feldspar are light colors on the surface of the rock. Biotite and hornblende are other elements that are present in the rock structure that produce dark and dark colors in the rock. One of the largest sources of granite rock in Iran is Khorasan province, especially in southern Khorasan province. Birjand forest green granite is one of the most unique rocks in this region which is one of the most unrivaled rocks in the world both in quality and density and in appearance and beauty.

Suppliers of marble slabs with good prices

Suppliers of marble slabs with good prices Nowadays the main application of marble is due to its specialty indoors and for use in floor which is very popular in Iranian market. Khoy marble is one of these options which is used for flooring. Marble is weaker in strength than granite and harder than travertine. Scratches may occur on the surface of marble and this should be taken into account in determining where to use. It is also vulnerable to acid, although it is subject to changes in weathering if it is exposed to prolonged exposure to moisture. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it in areas and areas that are permanently exposed to moisture and atmospheric agents, except with specific storage considerations and optimum physical conditions for the stone used. One of the important things to protect the back of the stone against moisture and also to remove contamination from the surface of the marble stone is to pay attention.

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